High-Assurance Crypto Software

Past editions of HACS

HACS 2021

HACS 2021 was held in April 2021 as virtual event. HACS 2021 further broadened the focus of the workshop to expand into formal verification of security proofs, secure distributed computation, topics relevant to cryptocurrencies and security issues at the hardware/software boundary.

HACS 2020

HACS 2020 was held in January 2020 in New York City. In addition to discussions around testing, formal verification, and generation of crypto code, HACS 2020 broadened the focus of the workshop towards cryptographic protocols, zero-knowledge proofs, and advanced implementation attacks.

HACS 2018

The 2018 workshop saw the technology landscape continue to cohere into best practices, shared tools, and high-assurance software libraries. HACS 2018 took place in Zurich, Switzerland.

HACS 2017

The 2017 workshop deepened many of these collaborations, and gave participants a greater understanding of the tool and technology ecosystems that are taking shape. HACS 2017 took place in New York, USA.

HACS 2016

The 2016 workshop introduced many key participants in this area to each other, and launched many collaborations. HACS 2016 took place at Stanford University, USA.